HA-Like Micellar Toner
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HA-LIKE Micellar Toner  

This truly innovative formula combines the fluidity of a micellar water with the effectiveness of an exceptional skin care product. 

  • Cleanses the skin thoroughly and effectively removes impurities, sun filters and make-up, even waterproof make-up.  

  • Moisturises the skin to ensure a soft and moisturising sensation immediately. No tightness guaranteed! 

  • Fights against the signs of ageing by rebalancing the skin flora. 

  • Suitable for sensitive skin and eyes 

  • 200ml 

  • 99% natural origin / Non-sticky / Soap free / Dermatologically tested 




Directions For Use:

Use as toner. Apply the HA-Like Micellar Toner with cotton pad after cleansed. Gently wipe to the face and neck, from inside out. Rinse-free.  

Use as make-up remover. Apply in the evening, pour on a cotton pad and gently wipe to the face, eyes and lips, from inside out. Rinse-free.  

Active Ingredients:

  • A unique combination of active ingredients selected by our dermatologist Dr. Nicolas B. to offer your skin a care product adapted to sensitive skin and eyes. 
    + Codium Tomentosum Algae: Powerful moisturiser 
    + White tea polyphenols: Detoxifies and brings radiance 
    + Prebiotic ferment (inulin): Balances the skin's flora 
    + Soft micelles: Cleanses and removes make-up from the sensitive face and eyes 



Efficiency test - 21 days: 

  • Gently removes make-up: 90% 
  • Frees the skin from impurities and pollution particles: 95% 
  • The skin is detoxified: 86% 
  • The skin is radiant: 95% 
  • Respects the skin's equilibrium: 95% 
  • Does not leave a sticky sensation: 100% 



Is this product suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes, it is suitable for sensitive skin and eyes: - Tolerance validated by dermatologists and ophthalmologists - Gently cleanses thanks to non-ionic micelles - Made of only 12 ingredients, 99% of natural origin - Total respect of the natural skin barrier thanks to the prebiotic ferment: inulin - Does not sting the eyes and avoids feelings of tightness. 


Why does this Micellar Lotion not require rinsing? 

Generally, micellar waters need to be rinsed off if the skin is dry and sensitive, as the micelles that remain on the skin's surface can have a lipid-removing effect. DermEden's Ha-Like Micellar Lotion does not need to be rinsed, even for sensitive and dry skin: the Codium Tomentosum Algae will replenish the skin with water, just as hyaluronic acid would, preventing the tightness and discomfort of a conventional micellar water. 


When should I use this Micellar Lotion? 

Morning and evening, at the beginning of the routine, to potentiate the effects of the treatments applied: - in the morning: to eliminate toxins and any excess sebum produced by the skin during the night - In the evening: to remove make-up and cleanse the skin of all impurities accumulated during the day (pollution particles, UV filter residues, bacteria, etc.). 


Is it possible to double-clean with the micellar solution? 

Yes, our Lotion is perfectly suited to this ritual as a second step. It will perfect your cleansing and make-up removal to perfect the skin from residual and stubborn impurities (like waterproof make-up). 

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