Innovation and research


Since its beginnings in 2008, DermEden has set itself the scientific objective that each of its products should be developed according to the safe values of medicine and science, rather than playing the card of permanent innovation without sufficient hindsight. For example, Glycolic acid, a ingredient known and used since antiquity, has the highest level of scientific evidence available. Extrapolated to dermo-cosmetics, it brings real benefits to skin care product formulations.


For each of its exclusive formulas, DermEden always starts from a blank page to propose a new cosmetic. 2016 is the year in which a long work of developing new formulations presented in the autumn will be completed.

Far from relying on the simple acquisition of substances, DermEden's philosophy is to give each product an added value to its primary function. For another example, its Specific Protocole hand care cream is the only one to contain the active ingredients Niacinamide and Dioic Acid, combined with an antiseptic, as hands are the primary vector for the transmission of germs and pollution.


Finally, because a cosmetic is only effective if it is applied, special attention was paid to galenics in order to be able to combine the absolute relevance of the formula with sensoriality.

The formulations of the DermEden cosmetic are developed in Paris under the supervision of Dr Bachot and the products, entirely made in France.




As we age, the skin's cell renewal cycle slows down and the effects of light accelerate the aging process. They create visible damage: dry skin and dehydration are the first signs, leading to more pronounced wrinkles and fine lines, pigment irregularities and loss of firmness.

It is estimated that 80 to 90% of skin ageing is caused by repeated exposure to visible light and to UV rays, whether they are natural or artificial. This light-induced ageing is called photo-ageing, and the damage it causes long remains invisible to the naked eye.


The skin must be effectively protected 365 days a year. In fact, while the UV indices are highest in summer, the skin, especially on the face, actually receives more cumulative radiation throughout the rest of the year.


Our Mission


Dermatology at the service of beauty and the control of the effects of the sun are inscribed in the genes of the DermEden Laboratories, which carry them in its mission to accompany a daily and often urban journey.

Although essential for the life and radiance of the complexion, light generates from a very young age effects that are undetectable to the naked eye, the first factors of skin aging that are visibly revealed as the years go by. From now on, through a range of innovative products, DermEden allows you to defend your skin's natural resources in order to preserve its beauty capital in the long term.


Unexpected Vision, DermEden's latest communication campaign brings together an artistic approach, a technological feat and a scientific approach driven by the same common thread: educating about photoageing and the preservation of beauty.


Unexpected Vision is a photographic journey above and below the surface of the skin, guided by DermEden whose research studies the positive and negative effects of light on the skin to keep only the best of it.

Above, because it features radiant faces that need light to glow below, because it reveals a harmful effect undetectable to the naked eye in a young subject, the photo-aging of the skin that visibly reveals itself as the years go by.




It all starts with a meeting, that of a dermatologist expert in anti-aging and a specialist in the dermo-cosmetic industry. Working together in an international laboratory, they develop and distribute skin care products all over the world.

Frequent trips to Europe, the Middle East and Asia lead them to the observation that there is a real lack of adaptation of products, however developed, to the particularities and needs of each skin type.


Although all cultures follow their own facial care and beauté́ protocols, an important piece of the puzzle is often missing: the realization that daily passive exposure to the sun causes more damage to the skin than proactive sun exposure.

Thus was born the innovative idea of creating the first expert photoageing laboratory to develop precursor prevention and care products adapted to all skin types and to give shape to the vision of its creators.

DermEden's modernity, its appeal to users looking for effective and functional solutions on a daily basis, to preserve their beauty capital over the long term and to offer them the most complete sensory experience, these are their wishes.



DermEden is characterized by a unique expertise, photo-ageing. We have integrated powerful active ingredients into our products to simplify your daily beauty routine while preserving the beauty of your skin. 



The dermatological effectiveness of our formulas developed in our laboratories, under the control of Dr Bachot, is the guarantee of state-of-the-art protocols. Because our science lies in our products, the concentration of powerful active ingredients that are recognized worldwide, their performance and proven results are essential to us. 



Aesthetics is defined as the perfect combination of beauty and sensation. The beauty of our identity, our products and our mission and the light and sensorial sensations of our textures, reinforcing the pleasure of daily use of our products. Aesthetics that add to the effectiveness of our products as a special emotion, a promise of well-being on a daily basis.





Dermeden products is developed to prevent the signs of photo-ageing. Today the brand is distributed to more than 20 countries around the world.